VCS Environmental biologists prepare and peer review biological technical studies and reports, including CEQA/NEPA supporting documents, conduct species surveys and field investigations, design and implement mitigation, and provide construction management services including nesting bird surveys and management of regulatory permitting requirements. VCS biologists have been approved as qualified monitors by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service and California Department of Fish & Wildlife.


  • Vegetation mapping 

  • Species compendiums 

  • Assessments of special status species potential

  • CEQA Biological Reports 

  • NEPA Natural Environment Studies 

  • Focused survey reports for sensitive species 

  • Biological assessments and Endangered Species Act Section 7 consultations

  • Western Riverside County Multiple Species Habitat Conservation Plan (MSHCP), reports, and HANS process 

  • Conservation easements and other legal preservation documents


  • Biological resource assessments

  • Plant species and vegetation mapping

  • Animal species

  • Focused surveys for sensitive species 

  • Burrowing Owl pursuant to CDFW and MSHCP protocols

  • Nesting Birds pursuant the Federal Migratory Bird Treaty Act and CDFG code

  • Preconstruction clearance

  • MSHCP surveys


  • Mitigation site design 

  • Coordination with landscape architects 

  • Habitat Mitigation, Monitoring, and Reporting Plans (HMMP) 

  • Oversight of mitigation installation including initial planting and irrigation

  • Five-year monitoring and reporting

  • Periodic (monthly/quarterly) internal maintenance reports and coordination with maintenance contractors (English/Spanish)


  • Worker Education and Awareness Training (English/Spanish) 

  • Biological oversight of environmentally sensitive areas

  • Coordination with contractor 

  • Required reporting

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