VCS Environmental provides comprehensive management of the CEQA and NEPA processes for various project types throughout California. VCS has managed the development of the following document types.


  • Initial Study 

  • Negative Declaration/Mitigated Negative Declaration

  • Environmental Impact Report 

  • EIR Addendum Findings of Fact and Statement of Overriding Considerations

NEPA Documentation 

  • Environmental Assessment 

  • Finding of No Significant Effect 

  • Environmental Impact Statement 

  • Record of Decision

Peer Review of Environmental Documents and Supporting Technical Studies 

VCS Environmental staff work closely with our project proponents, the design team, and lead agency staff to identify environmental constraints early in project design to assist in the avoidance and minimization of impacts to resources where feasible. In addition, our team is experienced in the preparation and processing of design review applications and other supporting city planning documentation including General Plan Amendments, Specific Plan Amendments, and Conditional Use Permits as needed for each of our projects. VCS also routinely prepares necessary notices (i.e. Notice of Preparation, Notice of Intent, Notice of Completion, etc.) as well as adoption/certification documents such as Findings of Fact, Statement of Overriding Considerations, Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Programs (MMRPs), etc. 

Quality Assurance / Quality Control

VCS employs the use of two internal rounds of review by Senior Staff to ensure Quality Assurance/ Quality Control in all deliverables. This internal review ensures high quality deliverables and enables VCS to adhere to project schedules. Weekly manager meetings and staff meetings facilitate the seamless flow of information, while maximizing project efficiency and eliminating gaps in communication.